Frequently Asked Questions

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What is HomeCoin?

Launched on May 16th, 2021, HomeCoin is a charity-oriented token that is focused on decreasing the rate of homelessness around the world through generous weekly donations. With an initial 2.5% charity wallet , we also charge a tax of 10% on every transaction, with 5% burned for deflationary purposes, and 5% redistributed to holders to reward investors and keep the charity wallet flowing.


How do I buy HomeCoin?

We have created a full step-by-step tutorial on how to buy HomeCoin. Simply click below.

buy homecoin

What is the official token ID?

The official Token ID for $HOME: 0x57c9487f30D04aEE52D323586EC9

Please do not buy any other contract that is being messaged or sent you! This is our OFFICIAL contract.


What are the official socials?

All the official socials are listed in the header and footer of this site.


How do you decide what charities to donate to?

We are currently working with several charities, some with experience in the cryptocurrency world, and some who are completely new. We are working to not only get them familiar with what crypto is, but also how to use their donation money and convert it into USD or desired currency.

Once we have a larger list of homeless shelters and food bank organizations that accept cryptocurrency, we will begin voting on these as a community on a weekly basis.

The first amount we are donating is will be determined. Our goal is to get HomeCoin listed as a charity and build a shelter of our own with the community.


HomeCoin isn't showing in Trust Wallet

This could be confusing, but nothing to be concerned about. You've got to add it as a "custom token".

There are 3 steps:

1) Tap on the search token button and type something in. Once you get the screen "add custom token" go ahead and click it.

2) Get the custom token ID from our How to buy on the website. In this case you can just copy the ID: < TOKEN ID > and fill it in.

3) Fill the token details with the name, and make sure to select the binance smart chain.

4) The token should now be visible in your wallet. If you still have questions, you can ask around in the telegram.



How is HomeCoin rug-proof?

HomeCoin is rug-proof because we have renounced the contract, meaning it can not be changed. Developers are not able to go back in and tamper with the code. This is for the safety of our community, and the token can go as far as the community takes it, and the team will do every thing imaginable to push this token, the sky’s the limit

The tax we added to liquidity makes it even better as it reduces the price volatility as the coin gains traction, effectively making trading the token better and safer.

Proof of ownership being renounced.

Proof of LP locked.


Where can I find the audit of the code?

Our first audit can be found by clicking the button below. We will have many more audits coming in the near future so stay tuned!

dessertswap audit